‘Dear Mira Rajput: Nothing Is Wrong With Your Opinion’

After-all babies are puppies.

Dear Mira,

I am a working mother and I am very well able to understand what you are going through. It was not right of those out there who judged you for giving birth to a beautiful daughter at an early age or choosing to be a home maker. Yes, they do deserve your piece of mind and yes you have every right to place your opinion on the table. I have been a homemaker and it is not an easy task at all. Managing your toddler and household is no piece of cake. I totally appreciate you for balancing that.

However, let’s talk about what went wrong with your opinion – you questioned the motherhood of a woman. Just like choosing household work was your choice, choosing to work was ours. I am a general manager at a well-renowned bank and I am extremely proud to have reached that level. It wasn’t easy for me, Mira. Yes, I do have money in my bank and yes, there is no necessity for me to work, but, I want to and that’s my personal choice just like yours was to be a homemaker.

Its lovely that you want to see your daughter grow but remember, we do not miss out on that too. When you stated “I don’t want to spend an hour with my daughter everyday and rush off to work”, it made my feeble heart ache. I spend more than an hour with my daughter and she has never missed me as my work is about 7 hours a day. Those 7 hours is my “me” time and they are all about me. However, I will make sure that those 7 hours she is safe, secure and unconditionally happy.

Yes, you are right! Babies are puppies. Wouldn’t you love your pet and consider them a part of our family as much as anyone is? Puppies are newborn babies and they do need equal attention. Then why the discrimination? Both need attention. Bash those so-called “feminazis” you talked about who degraded you for making your choices. However, don’t do the same by your generic statements bashing every working mother. Never question a mother’s motherhood.

We are all in this together and if we fight against each other, the power of a woman will be questioned. Let’s stay strong and let’s work towards a better world. Let’s stay strong and be the perfect role models for our sons and our daughters irrespective of what we do and what we are because women are amazing!

Yours lovingly,

A working mother of twins with a lot of positive vibes

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