“Dal, Rice & Ghee Very Important For Good Health,” Says Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar!

How many minutes of exercise do you need?

Right from the beginning of civilization, dieters and ‘good health’ flag bearers have refrained from promoting rice. Many trainers, nutritionists have also discouraged the inclusion of rice in a healthy diet. However, at a recent event, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar spoke about three most important rules for a good health.

During the JFW Women’s Summit 2015, Rujuta took her stand on the importance of rice in the diet. Many present were surprised at her advice and 2 years later, the celebrity nutritionist emphasizes on the same. As Indians, we love our rice, dal and ghee; then why should we stay away from them?

Here’s what Rujuta advises:

1. Food – Dal rice ghee for dinner gives you a complete amino acid profile, a restful sleep and a regulated insulin response (good for diabetics). It also ensures more cultivation of pulses – easy protein for the poor and nitrogen fixing in the soil (less need of fertilizers.) So you are doing yourself a favour and your bit towards the environment.

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