CCTV Captures Horrific Bengaluru Molestation!

Girl groped 50 meters from her house!

Each year brings in new hope, new expectations and a wish that may be it will change the ‘sick’ and horrific incidents towards women. Bengaluru topped headlines for the alleged mass molestation incident that occurred on New Years eve at MG Road, where thousands of revellers were out to celebrate the New Year.

As an evidence to the horrific incident that happened in the IT capital of the country Bengaluru, the CCTV camera installed at a house near the Kammanahalli 5th Main Road in east Bengaluru has captured a girl being groped by a man and the footage was sent to Times Of India by one of its readers.

The incident had taken place around 2.30AM on January 1, a girl had just got off an auto-rickshaw and was 50 meters from her house. Two men on a scooter blocked her way, got off and then groped her. What made it worse and horrific was that the girl was molested in the presence of voyeuristic men who simply watched the woman get molested.



The Times Of India reader, who did not want to be identified, said: “I did not want to remain silent after seeing what happened on our street.” She added, “I came to know about the incident when the woman came to my house with her friends on Monday, saying that she wanted to view the CCTV footage as she was groped by two youths nearby. What I saw in the video left me disturbed. If residential areas, too, are unsafe for women, where are they supposed to go?”

The molested woman told the reader: “I don’t know the people who attacked and molested me. It was bad. I realised that my wallet was missing after the incident. I guess they robbed me too.” When the woman was asked to file a complaint, “Why create nuisance for ourselves?” hopelessly she told her friends.

Bengaluru reminded us that, for an Indian woman, this isn’t a world worth trusting. Not just Bengaluru but the news that we hear day after day, month after month from different parts of the country would leave the women restless. Taking metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and other places, the city is filled with working men and women who are educated professionals. But incidents like this molestation case makes us doubt if ‘Women Safety’ exists in our country!

‘The day a woman can walk freely at midnight on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved independence’, said Gandhiji. Is India free? When will it ever dawn?


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