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Catching up with Kajal

Kajal Aggarwal needs no introduction as she continues to woo the audience all over!

A typical South-Mumbai girl grew up in a fun loving Punjabi family with dreams of being the CEO of a marketing company. Little did she know that the theater plays she acted in during college days would become her dream career? Kajal Aggarwal needs no introduction as she continues to woo the audience with her young, vibrant energy and a smile to die for. In conversation with us she speaks about her rocking career and her future aspirations. 

There were rumors that Anisha Ambrose’s exit paved way for your entry into Pavan Kalyan’s next movie Sardaar, is it true that you were the first choice?
Well, the director will be able to answer this question better. I was offered the movie and I just said yes because it’s a young, hardworking team and the script is great. I have never worked with Pavan Kalyan before and I always wanted to do a movie with him as I am a huge fan of him. I will start shooting this month and am looking forward to having fun.

Being a Mumbai girl how difficult was it to fit into the South Indian film industry?
Touchwood, I have had a smooth journey until now and I didn’t really find it difficult. It was challenging but not difficult. I consider myself as a South Indian and I know more about the culture than my own Punjabi culture. Initially,shooting in the interiors of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu was a little different but I had a lot of fun learning about the culture. I speak Telugu and I understand Tamil, so now I am pretty comfortable with where I am.

How was the experience working for Maari?
Maari was a great experience and Dhanush is a fabulous actor. I always maintain a good work relationship with my co-stars.



They say actresses can never be friends; do you have an actress friend from the industry?
I get along really well with Tamannaah. I don’t believe in the story that actresses can’t be friends. Tamannaah and I have similar backgrounds with regards to our upbringing, so we had an instant connect. Whenever both of us are in Mumbai, we catch up and hang out together. I have done a lot of two-heroine films and have always had a cordial relationship with my contemporaries.As long as I am happy with my role I don’t really care what the other person is doing. Having said that, most of my best friends though are from outside the industry.

How did you manage to keep away from co-star link-ups all these years especially when you have been surrounded by good looking men?
When there is no spark there is no fire. I have never had a relationship with any of my co-stars. We all share a great work rapport. I have kept my journey simple and professional. Of course, we are all great friends.


Are you dating someone or getting married soon?
No I am very single at the moment and focussed on my work. I will get married but not for a couple of years.

Are the roles given to female leads justified in the industry?
Things are changing and earlier I wasn’t sure of this fact. However, these days there are scripts being written with women in mind. On the whole, the audiences are changing and one can’t fool the audience. They are smart and your story needs to go hand-in-hand with logic. The way women are perceived is also changing with time and it shows in the movies as well.

No holidays planned?
I can’t work on New Years at all. I am on a 5-day break end of this year. This year all the single ladies are going to Bali for New Years. This is going to be my third trip to Bali. Also, my family travels with me too. I manage to take time out with my family and friends.

What do you like the most about Chennai?
I am a complete foodie and I love South Indian cuisine. Chennai has some of the best restaurants which I have discovered lately. I love the food there. I am from Amritsar and Punjabis love food.


Kajal Unplugged

Are you a beach girl or a hill station lover? I need a balance of both. Sometimes I want the ocean and sometimes I want the mountains. I basically want it all!

One role that you would have loved to play? Kangana Ranaut’s role in Queen is amazing. She carried it off with genuineness and cuteness.

Favourite dish? Appam with coconut stew.

What kind of guy are you looking for? 
Someone who is independent, mature, ambitious and has a great sense of humor.

Do you love cooking? Yes, I have a sweet tooth and I love baking. My love for desserts is long lasting.

Are you a vegan? I was a vegan for 2 years but it’s just too difficult to be one. It was the best time of my life but I love eggs and can’t stay away from it for too long.

Shopaholic? Oh no, I don’t have any patience. I just enter a store and pick anything. It depends on my mood. I may pick up ten things which look absolutely the same.

Ever done a road trip? Never. I would love to do a road trip and I am planning to do it in Europe someday.

Favorite Hollywood stars? Johnny Depp and George Clooney. I think George Clooney is just so dreamy. I am glad he married a gorgeous woman.

What will be your ideal date like? I am a die hard romantic but I haven’t been on my ideal date as yet. It depends on my mood and how much am involved with a person. I may just want to stay home, watch a movie eating popcorn and sometimes would love to be swept off my feet. I would love to be flown to another destination for lunch and just fly back. That would be awesome.

Have you had a relationship before? Yes, I have been in a relationship long ago. Now am single though!

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