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Can your hobby be your career? Absolutely!

It’s best to be your own boss! Find out why?

“Love what you do, and the money will follow” goes an old saying. If you have regretted trading your hobby or your high-paying job for marriage and kids then this is the right time to erase the regret. The best creative outlet that can be turned into a career from home is to start your own business. But, before you go forward with your pet project, it is wise to know about a few homemade career options and pick the one that best suits the entrepreneur in you!




Becoming the next Nigella is not a far-fetched dream when you know how to project your culinary skills. If not a bestselling cookbook to start off with, why not consider kicking off your culinary career by taking cooking classes or catering for weddings and birthday parties? What about home-cooked meal delivery services or you selling your recipes in a book or an e-book? All you need is a profound interest in cooking and food.

When it comes to catering food, watch out for possible opportunities. The next time your neighbor is planning a cocktail party, volunteer to cater the food and beverages. Bake a cake yourself for your grandpa’s 80th birthday rather than ordering it from outside. Cooking/baking classes are always a hit, no matter what. Place an advertisement in the local paper and people will come flocking around.

Consider this option when: You think you have a drive to cook delicious food and you are aware of different cuisines and flavors. You should be eager to experiment with ingredients. Impressing someone with food is not easy. Cooking a dish might be easy, but finishing it within the stipulated time is challenging.

Skills required: Knowledge of world cuisines is needed. Tune into TLC or NDTV Good Times and look at the way top chefs across the world present cookery shows. You should be proficient in both the basic and specialty cooking skills. Choose your specialty of cuisine and train yourself in it before you teach others. Safety and sanitation skills are important too. A pinch of creativity and spoonful of proper planning of the menu are required too!

What you need: A nice kitchen and utensils. Stock up on cookery books written by cookery authors like Tarla Dalal and Sanjeev Kapoor as ready reckoners.

Marketing strategies: Advertise in local tabloids, leaflets, word of mouth and social media. Start a food blog and post your recipes. You could also publish an e-book! The next step could be that bestseller.  Natasha who runs a baking school says, “Everyone loves food. This is one career option where the returns are good. Thanks to Facebook, word spread really fast about my school.”


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