Bring in the Spring!

It’s time to welcome spring with rainbow colors and floral extravaganza.

A quarter of the year has already gone, and come spring we are all ready to revamp the wardrobe. The winter end-of-season sales have disappeared and it’s time to stock up on clothes of bright colors and floral prints. As the seasons keep changing, so does fashion. “The fashion cycle always moves in circles. This year too will definitely see an inspiration of the 70’s and the Victorian era. Long flowing palazzo pants, chiffon maxi prints and Victorian inspired embellishments will be very dominant this season.”


Several Spring Fashion weeks of 2016 show us that yellow is here to stay. From amber, canary, lemon to saffron and marigold, there is a shade of yellow that will complement any complexion. Gingham will be the design to look out for and Burberry will be the place to go. Talking about new spring trends, Amy says, “Gowns are replaced with a fresh crop top with flared feminine skirt look; the bare midriff look is very in. Floral hit the runway in a big way be it small and beautiful or bold and abstract. Flowers are here to stay this spring. Trench coats, baby doll dresses, lacy jumpsuits with sheer shirts are some trends to follow this season. Also, if you are thinking of short pants, ditch the capris and go for culottes.”


No matter how much one stocks up in the wardrobe department, without a cheat sheet it is tough to strut the attitude.“Always make a style statement even if you are wearing a simple black dress at a party. An interesting headgear or a statement neckpiece will do the trick. Stocking your wardrobe with coordinates always gives us more options to style our look better. A formal pencil skirt teamed with a stylized crop top, good pair of heels and a classic bag will allow you to go through your day from formal to an evening out; simply carry a little bling-y top and the look turns into classy evening wear. When it comes to festive seasons, play around with a lot of flared silhouettes and experiment with rich color palettes of gold, ferns and peaches. Palazzo pants teamed with long ankle length straight fit kurtas makes for an interesting attire for the festive season.”


Look out for amber hues
Neutral palazzo pants with neon blouse for outdoors
Cream blouses with floral culottes for formal occasions
Blue and white is the combo to look out for
One shoulder tops for the weekends

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