Bonding With Your Buddy

We list some fun things you should try with friends!

After a stressful day or a busy week, sometimes the most effective way to unwind is by spending quality time with your BFF. We suggests some activities that will add wholesome fun to your relationship.



If you want to loosen up in the comfort of your own abode…

  1. Rent your favorite rom-com, grab some munchies and sit back with your friend for a night of catching up and fun.
  2. Whisk a gourmet delicacy with your BFF. If it turns out great—you’ll have an awesome meal; if you fail miserably—you’ll have a great source of laughter and entertainment.
  3. Make something crafty and creative with your close friend—cards for upcoming holidays and birthdays!


  1. Grab a cup of coffee and get chatty about work, relationships and much more.
  2. Bond through music! Catch a live show of one of your favorite bands or artists. Or you could even watch a new flick at a theater.
  3. Learn about history, culture and art. Explore the various museums and galleries in your city.


  1. Maximize your limited free time and plan a road trip. Discover more than just a new city!
  2. Go on hikes! The fresh air, beautiful views and gossip are good for the soul.
  3. Connect over adventure sports like white water rafting, sky diving and more.


One of the best ways to bond is shopping. Try on new clothes, take selfies and post them on Instagram and Facebook! And don’t forget to people watch!

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