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Bigg Boss Contestant, Former Actress Sofia Hayat Is Now A Nun! Wait, What???

Holy Shocked?

What do we hear? Rohit Sharma’s allegedly ex-girlfriend and Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat has now become a nun. Do you remember when Rohit Sharma scored 264 runs, his the then girlfriend posted nude pictures for him on social media? That’s her! Everyone who stumbled upon Sofia’s social media account are now shocked at this transformation!

She has posted several pictures of her asĀ Gaia Sofia Mother; Yeah that’s what she calls herself. That’s quite a huge step for someone who’s had a history of sleazy scenes on screen! Well, if she’s happy, so be it! But, we are still taken aback. Her online description says, “Sofia Hayat Gaia Mother Sofia. I am mother of all. The earth was created when I spoke the word. Om. I have awoken to spread the truth. I am the the living truth.” Take a look at her pictures!




Now that’s her before the transformation!

Showtime #artsforindia

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