Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys!

Best guide ever!

Gone are the days when sex toys served only one purpose – to get you the big O. Whether you are single and trying to understand what your body needs or you are bringing a battery-operated member into your relationship for a ménage-à-toy, it can be used in various ways to reach the pleasure haven. Here’s a guide to all that is in the market, to choose the right one for you.

Sex toys can be gateways to new pleasures and new sensations. The best way to break one in is to use one on yourself in solitude to understand how your body responds to the same. Is it comfortable? The common question that arises in the mind for beginners is how plastic or rubber can feel so pleasurable. The key to that is imagination. No sex toys can provide maximum pleasure as your own imagination can, so shed your inhibitions tonight, let loose and try one of these for size.


Colloquially known as the vibes (because it gives good ones!), these toys are a great starting point for first times. With each different type boasting a fan following of its own, from packing a serious punch to just subtly making you smile, here are some prominent ones voted as popular by most users.


If you are wondering where you have heard about it before, you sure are right. Made infamous from the Sex and the City’s Season 1, episode 9 called, ‘The turtle and the hare’, in which Charlotte York gets addicted to her vibrator, ‘the Rabbit’; this one is surely addictive. A rabbit vibrator a.k.a Jack Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator is so called because the ear-like shapes can be used as a clit stimulator simultaneously as the vibrator is used as a shaft. From average to bigger sizes, rabbits have been the most reliable of vibrators and with proper maintenance, can last for years. Rabbit vibrators are best recommended to be used with lubrication. Do not be too intimidated by size for these reliable bunnies don’t fail in the bedroom.


These G-Spot stimulating ones are discreet and little but do not get fooled by size for they can seriously blast you into pleasure planet. Turn up the heat in the bedroom with these tiny ones and they can work twice as hard (pun intended) to get you to the destination, ‘O!’ Although they do come with adjustable speeds and power settings, we recommend that you start slow but work your way up to heights. Bite the bullet (only an expression, ladies!) and you will see that you have had nothing like it.


The cutest ones on this list, lipstick vibrators, are the perfect camouflage for portability, so you never have to worry about stowing it away from plain sight. Lipsticks are tiny in size but they make up for their looks by multi-functionality – vibration, and rotation. The makings of the lipstick with the slightly sloping head makes for great stimulation to your lady parts and because of its compact size, it is not too scary for the first-timers. Lipsticks are mostly used as stimulators to make you ready for your partner instead of actually serving as the vibrator that in the long run will get you off. Now you know what to ask for next Valentine’s Day!


If you like a bit more creative control and a quaky-shaky one isn’t really your style, you can always get down and dirty with an old-fashioned dildo. You might end up doing all the hard work but what’s more hot than having all the control on the tip of your fingers?

Dildos come in all types of shapes and sizes. Textures matter a great deal as well. If the very biologically accurate ones with veins etched in them can put you off, you can always go for a neon one that glows in the dark or some other style that makes your wardrobe pretty as well. Shaped mostly to be a lot more realistic, dildos are best used in solitude. The veins and ridges on some actually serve the purpose of extra stimulation. Certain dildos come with suction cups or a heavy base for hands-free use as well. Best recommended that you use this one during a nice warm shower!

For the truly experimental and non-first timers, strap-on dildos can open a whole haven of opportunity. Take turns, or try on role reversal, even double penetration and you are on a treat with this one. A shout-out to all the same gender couples here.


Honeymoon period much? This is the best one to add to your newly decorated marital bed or to spice up your sex life after a long drought. Shaft rings come in different sizes according to your boyfriend or husband’s member and all you have to do is attach it to the aforementioned part. Rings come with vibrations, gentle spokes or simply add to the size of his member and act as stimulation to making sex so much more awesome. Not only does this work for the women but the rhythm can make the men go on for longer and in fact slows him down so everybody wins! Rings can especially be more pleasurable if you take your position game to the next level. Chuck the missionary tonight and try something new from the book with these rings and you will be thankful for the third ring in your life after the wedding ones.

Ben Wa Balls

Again, perfect for the couples in the house, Ben Wa balls or Geisha balls or Venus balls, Chinese in origin are two balls tied on a string together that can be inserted into the V. The balls themselves maybe hollow or contain smaller pearls inside them. These balls are made in various materials ranging from metal, silver, glass and so on. Used for vaginal stimulation, the balls with are inserted in holding the string outside and gently moved for heightening pleasure. Holding on to the string is crucially important so go slow on the experimentation on this one. Best used in a rocking chair as they say!

Material Matters!

Silicone toys

Safest is easily the sexiest which is why silicon is the top most contender on the material front for the toy market. The softest in texture, it is loved for its hypoallergenic properties and non-porous material. Silicone toys are easier to clean and possibly the cheapest of them all. Durability however, is a question.

Glass toys

Of late, glass made toys have been a huge hit in the market. The temperature sensations that come with this toy are an added advantage; turning the cool on or turning the heat up. Pretty looking, and quite versatile, this may be intimidating to some, but fear not.  Made of borosilicate glass, these don’t crack and smash like one assumes. The easiest to clean, glass toys are also the most hygienic found around.

Metal toys

This one is not for the first timers but you can surely work your way up to it. They work best in showers because they are waterproof and safe for skin as well. The only setback is that you have to get used to the heaviness of the product and it involves a lot of weight lifting, depending on the size you opt for.

Plastic toys

Classic toys are mostly made from this, especially the bullets and the lipsticks. Versatile because they come in a rainbow of colours and shapes, plastic toys are also odourless and can’t catch dust too easily.


Do’s & Don’ts

Never share your toys. You didn’t as a child and you definitely shouldn’t with these ones.

A lubricant is recommended for pretty much all of them.

If you are not alone, use a prophylactic in a game of two.  

Always wash with hot water unless they are battery/electric operated in which case wipe them clean.

Wrap when storing away; even the smallest dust particles can harm you later on when in use.


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