20 beauty tips for a simple bride!

Here are some timeless tips for a simple bride to achieve the perfect balance of not being OTT or overtly simple!

The hardest part in planning the ‘look’ for every occasion of your wedding is to arrive at a basic consensus – when is it too much and when is it too less? Being excessively minimalist will win you the ‘you don’t look anything like the bride’ stares and too much grandeur might just give out the aura of a badly styled mannequin trying to desperately exhibit everything there is at the showroom on display. It is totally viable to incline towards minimalism without oversimplifying your entire look – the trick lies in visualizing yourself in totality; the outfits, the accessories and of course the hair and makeup should work together.




  1. Never do something out of the ordinary on the pretext of being unpredictable. It is fine to play it safe at times; it is your wedding after all.
  2. The sari and the lehenga are perhaps the usual attires worn by every bride but it is entirely possible to give them both an edgy twist with a few subtle notes to make them stand out.
  3. No piece of clothing has the classic elegance that sari has and pairing it up with a well-designed blouse will lend the entire look a modern touch.
  4. Choose a delicate material, like the much in fashion lace, or lace coupled with suede in colours like pale yellow, green, mauve, dull gold and pale pink with subtle notes of embroidery, motifs, embellishments or borders.
  5. Team your sari with a metallic petticoat that will enhance the colour of your see-through net sari really well. Match your sari with a delicate diamond neckpiece (or white stones) and earrings.
  6. Avoid cluttering the look with coloured bangles or different stoned neckpiece. White stones are elegant and they by and large go with any colour.
  7. If your neckpiece is heavy, you can just opt for a simple diamond kada, one each for both the hands. Wear a nice pair of heels (but not too high) to ensure that your sari falls well – pick a metallic shade that complements the detailing of your sari.
  8. If you are going for a lehenga, have it made in colours like lemon green, gold with cream, royal blue, emerald green or a bright orange.
  9. Choose embroidery that is non-traditional and pick out delicate motifs, borders or embellishments – remember to draw a line before it starts looking blingy.
  10. Again, choose jewellery that enhances the colour of your lehenga – if the gold is dominant in your lehenga, opt for a kundan neckpiece with matching tikka and kada. In case the lehenga has silver motifs, platinum with diamonds is your best bet.




  1. Most brides start worrying about their skin on the actual day of the wedding but it is essential to start taking care of it well in advance. Invest in some good skincare services not just for your face but for areas that you might expose, like your back and arms.
  2. Most parlours offer exclusive bridal packages for a radiant skin. The point of a well done hair and makeup is to retain the subtlety of your look and lend a finishing touch.
  3. The important factor to keep in mind when it comes to bridal makeup is to create that dewy, glowing skin. Ask your makeup artist to blend a highlighter like the MAC Strobe cream while working the foundation on areas like the cheekbone, forehead, chin and nose. This can be followed up with a warm pink or coral blusher on the cheekbones with a hint of gold depending on your outfit.
  4. The eyes should have a stroke of silver or gold over the basic eye shadow, topped with eyeliner and kajal to draw attention to your eyes.
  5. The lips can be a fresh colour of pink, peach or coral with a lavish coat of gloss; you can never go wrong with these colours whatever the tone of your skin may be.
  6. Two areas that most brides always forget to concentrate on is the body makeup and nails. Make sure that your arms, back and collarbones are well moisturized and dust it with a good body shimmer.
  7. Paint your well-manicured nails with red hues or to be safe, get a neat French manicure done.
  8. The hair can be braided into a stylish side plait, French twist or a low bun with side parting.
  9. Stay clear of huge tikkas and pick a delicate, thin one instead to go with your other pieces of accessories.
  10. For a finishing touch pin up a couple of fresh flowers to your bun or braid, like a pair of peach roses or white carnations.

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