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As Onscreen Goddess Parvati Controversy Stirs Up, Actress Says She Doesn’t Regret Bikini Pics!

Sonarika Bhadoria: I Wore A Bikini, So What?

Sonarika Bhadoria spoke to Hindutan Times on the controversy surrounding her bikini pictures. To the ones unaware, here’s the story: The 23-year-old actress plays the role of Goddess Parvati onscreen and was slammed for her travel pictures where she wore a bikini. The actress is pretty unapologetic about it and said it’s her private life and she’s not a real goddess. She spoke out against body-shaming as many online comments were negative and slammed her for wearing a bikini.


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In the interview the actress reportedly said, “I thought today’s generation is mature enough to separate an actor’s personal life from their professional life and they would understand that we also have our own life. But that did not happen. Just because I am a girl and played a goddess you cannot hide behind your TV screens and write whatever you want to in the name of freedom of expression. They say it is part and parcel of a celebrity’s life but there is a limit to everything. I am not God, I have emotions and I do feel bad.”

We don’t know what to say! Only that, she’s right and the reaction we thought were silly! What do you think?

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