Aramm 2 to commence from September!

Collector Madhivadhani is back!

Sequel of actress Nayanthara Aramm will start rolling from the month of September this year. Director Gopi Nainar and Producer Kotapadi Rajesh have confirmed the news about the commencement of the shoot.

Moreover, the director had hinted that Aramm 2 will focus on religious and caste-based discrimination. It is said that Gopi Nainar wants to throw a light upon Dr. Ambedkar’s ideologies. Reportedly, the director will finish a new movie before the shooting of Aramm 2. It is believed that he is in talks with G.V. Prakash and Siddharth for the movie. Also, Producer Kotapadi Rajesh is also producing the actress’ untitled horror movie.

Aramm is a social drama movie which earned a lot of appreciation from the audience. Actress Nayanthara as collector Madhivadhani performed remarkably in the movie.

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