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Anushka Sharma Shut Down Trolls In The Most Epic Manner!

Read her response here!

Anushka Sharma is well known for her no-nonsense attitude in her professional and personal life. The Sultan actress has finally come out with a statement about being trolled on the internet after her alleged break up with the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. She said it was very difficult and harmful to come in terms with the ‘misogynistic’ abuse over her alleged affair.

‘It’s one thing to be abused for a film I did or to be trolled if I did something wrong. But to be abused for something I had no association with? That was hurtful. I think it’s misogynistic, powerless men who have no other way to put you down, whose egos are hurt because you are a successful working woman with your own money and independence.’ 

-Anushka Sharma

You don’t mess with Anushka people! She’s the boss!

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