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Amy Jackson’s Passport, Bag Stolen!

Sad experience!

Amy Jackson loves travelling and her favourite holiday destination is Ibiza, Spain. The 24-year-old actress was shooting at the location for her best friend’s fashion blog and it was not a great experience.

The actress lost her expensive bag, which had her wallet and her passport during the shoot. Amy was horrified and sought help from the Spain and British Embassy. However, she didn’t retrieve her belongings. Amy had to rush to the embassies and apply for emergency travel documents.

She later thanked the consulates¬†for helping her out and told Mid-day,”Getting a passport made all over again is usually a long procedure, but I am thankful to the Embassy of Spain and the British Consulate for being cooperative and helpful. That said, I believe in new experiences and learning from them. I am sure I will laugh about this at some point.”



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