All Things Velvet That You Can Wear For The NYE Party!

Rock the party runway!

The New Year is on the way and so are your doubts about what to wear for tonight’s party! But don’t worry, here’s a list of things that you can pull out from your wardrobe to make a great NYE Party Outfit. All things velvet – this can definitely not go wrong as velvet is back in runway this year and rock the Eve by styling them smartly. Here are the ways you can wear your velvet clothes tonight!



Jumpsuit is one of the best trends from the year that a person of any body type can pull off well. Leave alone your synthetic clothes and try one of your velvet jumpsuits for tonight. The buttery, silky rich fabric can nail it for an evening party! If you don’t own a velvety jumpsuit, pair a velvet tank with with a pair of trousers or vice versa. Pair them with footwear of light shades to balance the look.




Dresses can never go out of fashion and a velvet dress is the sexiest way to show off your curves. The shiny texture of the fabric enhances your curves and the deal i about finding the right fit. When buying Velvet dresses, make sure you pick the right size as the fabric is sleeky and not stiff unlike your usual dresses. Pair them with a jacket if needed. Gonzo heels can do the magic with this outfit.




Velvet jackets are the easiest shortcut to pull off a party look even in the most casual clothes. Adding a piece of Velvet garment to your regular clothes can get the party look and this is one of the cheapest ways if you are broke at the end of the month. Pair them with boots to enhance the look.



Top / Blouse

This is one more cheap way to escape from the expenses for the big night. A velvet top is one of the simplest outfit that can work well for a simple party with your BFF’s. No matter if its a blouse or tank top or a crop top, it will be a saviour. Pair the top with a sequin bottom if a richer look has to be pulled off.




“A woman with good shoes is never ugly” – Coco Chanel.

Velvet can not only do good shoes but great shoes. The choices you have got with velvet footwear is wide with flats, heels, boots and much more. Choose the right one for your party wear to add class.



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