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Aishwarya Rai’s Mother Hurt During A Scuffle With The Media

We hope she is okay!

Aishwarya Rai is back home after her London vacation with Aaradhya. There is always a media frenzy at the airport to the click the star and her daughter together. The actress often travels with her mother Brinda who helps Aishwarya with the Aaradhya. When the three landed in the Mumbai airport on Thursday, there was a lot of media present.

An eyewitness said, ‘Aishwarya walked out of the airport with her daughter Aaradhya and mother Brinda in tow. The actress proceeded to her car and first seated her daughter before taking a seat herself. It was then that her bodyguards got aggressive and started forcefully pushing away the media. One of the guards pushed away a cameraman so hard that he lost his balance and fell on Aishwarya’s mother who was standing behind. Aishwarya’s mother lost her balance and tumbled down on the ground hard, banging her head.’

Aishwarya rushed to her mother’s side after hearing the commotion and attended to her mother for five minutes. After ensuring her mother was okay, Aishwarya zoomed out of the airport with Aaradhya and her mom.

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