Adorable: Here’s How A Pilot Daughter Paid Tribute To Her Air Hostess Mother!

So many feels!

It’s not Mother’s Day but it sure feels like it with pilot Ashrrita Chinchankar giving her mother the time of her life right before retirement. Pooja Chinchankar, an air hostess with Air India, worked with the airlines for 38 years and was on her last day, looking forward to retirement. What made her last flight special was her daughter, Ashrrita, co-piloting the flight.

Pooja Chinchankar retired on Tuesday after a Mumbai-Bangalore-Mumbai flight. Just 10 minutes before the flight was slated to land, the pilot in command used the passenger announcement system to inform the passengers about Pooja’s retirement, which elicited passengers to cheer as she walked down the aisle one last time. Ashrrita also tweeted the image and video of the same.

She also put up a video of her mother being cheered on by passengers.

Truly a happy story!

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