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A Real Man Shares Wife’s Workload, says Sharmila Tagore

Spoke up for gender equality!

Yesteryear actress and legend Sharmila Tagore spoke out on gender equality and participation in a relationship recently! The veteran actress opined that there will be peace and happiness at home when both the partners share workload. She said that it shouldn’t always be the woman’s job to take care of household chores and the man of the house should also do his bit.


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“It’s in everybody’s mind that this load sharing and this household chores need to be shared, do the laundry at home and help in household chores,” Tagore said.

“Now we are all working women. Things are now changing and now we are ready and we want men to come forward and share the load. It’s not going to make you less of a man. I have seen Saif (Ali Khan, her son)…when he became father (how he shared the load),” the Begum said.


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Sharmila Tagore was married to Nawab Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, the Nawab of princely state of Pataudi and the former captain of the Indian cricket team. They couple have three children, Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan, Soha Ali Khan and Saba Ali Khan.

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