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A.R.Rahman’s New Version Of ‘Urvasi Urvasi’ Will Make Your Day!

“Take it easy policy!”

A.R.Rahman has kick started the year with a brilliant rendition of ‘Urvasi Urvasi’ for MTV Unplugged. The song from 1994 Tamil film Kadhalan is a classic that has been loved by people of all generations. The new version of it with crowd-sourced lyrics has made it all the more enjoyable.

A.R.Rahman had announced that ‘Urvasi Urvasi’ is to be remade with new lyrics and the public can suggest lyrics for the song. A number of suggestions overflowed in his page and four of them were used for the song. On his official page before the song release, A.R. Rahman announced the shortlisted lyrics that said:

Remember when we asked all of you to suggest some funky ideas for re-arranging “Take It Easy Urvasi”.. Well we had a lot of great ideas flowing and it was tough to pick and choose but finally we’ve gone ahead with contributions from :

Prasad Krishna – “Beltu Potoom Veshti Avundha”
Achintya Vatlu – “Helmet Potoom Mama Pidicha”
Rajesh Rajamani – “Kadalai Naduvil Battery Thirndal”
Dileep Balaji – “Kizhinja Panta Fashion Nu Sonna”

Now wait to hear it 🙂

The song was released yesterday in the MTV Unplugged Page and fans are already in love with the song.The song has other interesting lyrics that talk about current issues making it more relevant to the present generation. A part of the verses says “Donald Trump President aanal take it easy policy..” talking about the US Presidential election. It has also mentioned demonetisation saying “aayiram rooba sella ponal take it easy policy..”.

The song has also highlighted women empowerment with the lyrics “Puratchi edhum seyyamal pennukku nanmai vilaiyaadhu” meaning women empowerment is not possible without revolutions.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, then that should be the first thing to do today!

Watch it here:

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