A Bride’s Letter To Her Mother-in-law On The Eve Of Her Wedding!

I love your son!

Dear Mother-in-law,

Tomorrow is the D-day and I’m excited, nervous, ecstatic yet confused. I know it’s a step that every girl takes in her life; to accept and love a new family like her own. While everyone has been telling me as to how I must act, react and be responsible as a wife, I know that your son does not expect me to be anything else but me. Yes, your son, the one you love unconditionally, the one that you would do anything for, the one that shocked and surprised you when he brought me home and the one who is my entire world and universe from now on.
So, in this letter I want to tell you how happy I am that I found a soulmate who is honest, understanding, kind and affectionate; and it is all thanks to you. After we tie the knot tomorrow, it is not just him and me who are bound by matrimony, but also the families, also you and me.
Since we are in a world where women are already breaking stereotypes, let us begin this relationship the 21st century way. Let us not be any more like the prototype mother in law and daughter in law; it’s our lives, we have the choice to make it as wonderful as we like.
I am not here to compete, I know what you mean to him and what he means to you too. I have been brought up in a home where love, truthfulness and a progressive mind were inculcated in me from the beginning. I promise that is all I will bring in to this home of ours as well. I don’t wish to take anyone’s place in this house, I hope to make a place of my own. You are his mother, and now mine too and I respect your word, your experience and your principles.

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