9 Tips To Avoid Hangover After A Rocking Mid-Week Bash!!!!

Keep drinking sessions for weekends next time!

The dance floor is rocking, you look sizzling and the Martinis are lining up one after the other. A fun-filled, high spirited evening always is the best outcome of painting the town red. What’s not exciting is that grogginess and hangover which attacks your mornings next day. Here are some tips to avoid that evil hangover.

• Have you heard precaution is better than cure? Put it in practice and make sure you drink a glass of water in regular intervals during your drinking sessions.

• Hangovers are also due to dehydration, so keep yourself hydrated enough so you don’t compromise on your digestive system and the toxins are flushed in the process too.

• If you don’t want to bother taking frequent trips to the bathroom, then drink enough water post party when you reach home.

• This is the time your favourite Starbucks will help. Caffeine has the properties which will keep you alert, however, follow it up with a glass of water later. Coffee also causes dehydration.

• Ignore it when your friends say take a shot of tequila or a small peg of whiskey on the rocks to kill the hangover. Experts say this will only increase alcohol dependency and will not help you get rid of the headache.

• Many of you eat only after drinking which actually does not help. Eating before you take those shots helps control hangovers.

• Avoid smoking if you can! Yes, there is enough research that proves that smoking increases the severity of a hangover.

• We don’t know if it’s true but maybe we should stick with it if it means that we can wake up without those dreadful headaches next morning – clear alcohol like vodka and gin have a fewer toxins than dark ones like whiskey and rum.

• This is a no brainer but always stick to one drink. A veritable melange of alcohol will not help your cause of waking up without a hangover.

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