8 Sure Shot Ways To Get An Orgasm!

Love rules!!!!

In life, there are certain things you can’t settle for – orgasm or more commonly known as the BIG O is one of them. When one is so close to climaxing, eyes shut and crinkle, lips are pursed, finger nails are clawed to his back and toes take a natural curl – mostly in movies. The best adjectives to describe “the” moment is “resolute” and here’s why; around the diminishing consciousness, most of us are worried about the phone ringing, whether he will change positions or something totally irrelevant like what to cook for dinner and all of a sudden, instead of moving towards that elusive high, we would be slipping away from it. In the light of being so determined to orgasm, 75% of us don’t during intercourse.

What women require is a stimulant that shuts down the stress button in their brains. With these no-fail positions, you don’t have to fake the BIG O ever and they will guarantee you a thigh, why, body quivering denouement.

Edge of Reason

This might work when you are holidaying at a private resort with your loved one. Lie on your back by the edge of a pool such that your butt is hanging over the edge just above the water. Ask your man to stand in the pool, facing you while holding your butt. Lift your legs and place them on his shoulders as he gently enters you. You can support yourself by holding the edge of the pool. Remember, he has complete access to your frontal side and also, you will feel the sudden surges of pleasure as the cool water splashes against your V-Jay Jay.

Completely Floored

Position yourself such that your back is faced against him. Bend over and rest your palms on the floor for support. Feel free to bend your knees a little; it’s not a test of flexibility or a yoga class at the end of the day. Allow him to wrap his arms around your waist to gain balance and gently enter you from behind. If at any point you feel like you might lose balance, place your palms firmly on the floor – you could also throw in a pillow or two for better comfort. This position facilitates an angle such that your butt is pressed against him, allowing his weapon to directly hit ‘the’ spot. The chances of reaching cloud nine are extremely high in this position considering the southward motion.

Stairway to Heaven

Both you and your partner should kneel down facing the stairs (preferably at the landing of the staircase); you at a level higher than your partner. Make sure you hold the stair above you for support and let your partner hold you by the waist. Both your bodies should be entangled tightly and allow him to penetrate you from behind. The elevation of the staircase allows your man to enter you in an upward direction, giving him a direct access to your G-spot.

Thigh High

A better variation of the usual woman on top pose, this position is livelier and different. Let him lie on his back with one leg stretched out and the other bent, knee pointing upward. Gently shift his body towards the side with half your back facing him. Hold his knee for support and bend slightly down to his penis. In this position, your abdomen is almost in contact with his bent knee; leverage on that to gently rock back and forth and up and down. This sweltering position is all about creating a pressure such that you explode into not just an orgasm but a great one at that. You can also make him happy by giving him a sensuous thigh massage during intercourse to mix things up. Remember, you are the rein holder here so make the best of it!

Ecstatic End

Have your partner sit on the floor with his legs completely stretched out, leaning backwards with his palms pressed against the floor for support. Sit atop him such that your back is faced against him and place your legs by the side of his thighs. Bend your knees and position your feet firmly on the floor. Work your pelvic muscles such that you gently lower yourself down to his penis and allow him to make slight, circular movements. Both you and your partner can share control in this position, allowing him to penetrate your erogenous spot with ease. Also, the position allows your lover to kiss the nape of your neck and feel the other sensitive areas during intercourse.

Magic Eight

Lie on your back with a couple of pillows stacked up behind your buttocks. Bend your knees slightly, spreading your legs wide apart. You can either hold on to the headboard of the bed (sexier) or hold his back or do both interchangeably for support. Your partner should enter you at an elevated angle (hence the pillows) and slowly rock, making an “eight” all the way. While he moves in number eight motion, you can feel his entire shaft inside you, directly rubbing against your clitoris (c-spot). The position is as effortless as it seems and still helps you in reaching the hedonistic peak.

Carnal Bliss

Bend down on all fours and allow your partner to enter you deeply from behind while latching on to your back for support. To experience the BIG O, let him firmly stroke your g-spot with his weapon. The good thing about this position is the fact that once you reach orgasm, you will crave more. Also, the position is wild and will bring out the animalistic nature from even a man who is mild.

Simply Spooning

We all know what spooning is; for those of you who don’t – lie on your side and have your man gently enter you from behind and lift your top leg up for more pleasure. The hybrid of doggy-style and spooning takes you to a whole new level, and the position is also very intimate. Also, his hands are free to caress you through your curves and also indulge in some c-spot stimulation during intercourse. Not to mention, your hands are equally free too so get adventurous!

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