8 Mistakes Girls Must Avoid In The First Few Days of Dating!

Dating rules!!!

Gone are the days when you would wait for your crush to ask you out! These days flirting or asking someone out is not limited to just men. However, when we flirt with men we need to remember that flirting is an art too! If you really want to take things forward and not creep him out, then make sure you avoid these silly mistakes, which are committed subconsciously!


  • Giggle overdose: Alright you find him funny, we get it! But do you know that laughing at bad jokes is a crime? Just to impress him, you don’t need to laugh at his ridiculous jokes! If this relationship goes further, you will not be able to keep up with them! It’s a punishment. Control your giggles!


  • I’m the most desirable woman: What? No! We understand we get many friend requests on Facebook, invites on Tinder and a lot of ‘I wannt to franship you’ kind of requests too! Showing off that you’re the most desirable woman in the neighborhood will bore the guy! He will think you’re picking on him! Avoid!


  • Shakespeare’s Dramaqueen: This applies not only during the flirting stage but also for the rest of your relationship! Men hate drama! They avoid women who slip into over the top emotional nonsense and he will just bid goodbye if he knows you’re a little too dramatic! Take things a little more practically! It always works!


  • Catch me if you can: So, agony aunts in every relationship column have asked you to play hard to get! Yes that’s true, but when you’re still in the initial stage of dating, don’t ignore him! He is still not that into you and if you try acting this way, he will think you’re clearly not interested!


  • Loving all about him: He likes a certain rock band and by saying that you like it too, when you clearly hate it, is a huge mistake! You aren’t the same people, it’s ok to not like or love everything he likes! If he ends up asking you on the first date the details of a certain band for example, you’ll be super embarrassed! Don’t do it!


  • Queen of stalker land: Okay let’t not deny it that we do stalk him on Facebook, which is good! You’ll know at least a little about his social life! But you don’t have to be too truthful to him; when he says oh I went for a vacation don’t jump and say, “Oh yes it was in 2009, I have seen the pictures.” He will run!!!!!


  • My dysfunctional life: You have weird friends, super weird relatives and oh your best friend’s boyfriend is cheating! You haven’t ordered for your first meal together and you have spilled out all your secrets! That’s a little too big a turn off! Accept it, men do gossip too, but at this stage he will think you will spill out all of his secrets later. Lock the secrets!!!


  • I would love to see you on your knees: We love weddings, don’t we? Whether it’s the neighbor’s or ours, we love dolling up. Telling him about your wedding plans at this stage will freak him out! It’s good to take it as it comes. Don’t expect him to go on his knees right after a week of dating. Speaking of marriage will give him that impression even if you don’t mean it.


  • My Ex was a retard: Hooo! Talking ill about your ex at this point will piss him off! You see, men belong to the same universe, where they always believe in ‘bros before you know what?’ kind of thing. He will think you will badmouth him too if this relationship doesn’t work out! Never do it!




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