8 Dumb Reasons People Give To Avoid Work Out!


Health and fitness can be a hot topic but only in terms discussion. People tend to slowly slide away when it comes to putting their discussion to action. Some of the excuses people give to avoid working out can be way too childish. Here are 8 such ridiculous reasons.


• I’m way too tired to work out now

Well, that’s the whole point!! Working out actually gives you more energy and never drains you of it. Stop giving your sleep so much importance. You’ve got to start moving if you ever wanna get out of your so called “tiredness”.

• Hey!! I’m not fat to work out

This is something most people do not understand about working out. You don’t work out simply to become slim and drastically lose weight. People exercise to stay fit and healthy. It’s actually a complete myth that you would lose immense weight in the first few weeks at your gym. It’s work out and not magic.

• Exercise is boring

Of course it’s boring in the initial days as you don’t get to dance and sing and do the crazy stuff in the gym. You have to start working your a** off. Gym is a place where you get to test your limits and boundaries and re-discover yourself. Once you start experiencing the positivity it brings to you as a person then there will be nothing that can stop you from going to the gym.

• I have nothing to wear

You’re not going to a fashion parade. You’re just heading out to your gym. It’s a place where you are gonna sweat your fat out and nobody is expecting you to stay in your maxi with full on make-up, so just go grab an old T-shirt and sweat pant. Head out now!!

• The weather is too pleasant for a workout

Well, FLASH NEWS!! It’s definitely not raining or sunny inside your training room. A nice weather can be made use of by exercising as it will only make you more active and energetic throughout the day. Bonus points to impress that ever frowning boss of yours!!!

• I don’t have company to train

Don’t let anyone else impact your fitness goals. It’s okay to go solo. A training partner can be great you’ve got to realize that not all share the same passion and spirit. Don’t let their absence ruin everything as you’ll automatically develop a friendship with someone new in your gym in due course.

• I have my periods

This is one of the silliest excuses you can give! Period cramps can actually be reduced to a considerable level when you do the right exercises. Exercising while you’re on your periods will only be more advantageous as you’ll stay fit and still manage to not be bothered by severe pain.

• The gym is too expensive

You don’t necessarily need a gym to workout. If you’re so desperate to keep yourself fit then it won’t take long for you to understand that the world is your gym and your mind is your motivator.

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