8 Challenges New Brides Face In Their Husband’s House!

How to deal with them?

It’s raining wedding this season guys! Or must we say it’s raining new in laws, news marital bliss and of course all those tiny or big marital issues! You woke up all these days in the privacy of your bedroom and to mom’s delicious ready-to-eat breakfast! But, that’s a thing of past and now you are waking up next to a man you have known little (especially if it’s an arranged marriage). It’s not easy and all these issues are not impossible to deal with! However, if you are about to wed soon then you must know that you’ll face at least few of these issues! Don’t stress, it’s not as big a problem to solve!


  • In Laws! Many girls dread at the thought of waking up to new relatives which they never had before! Suddenly you are a daughter-in-law, wife, sister-in-law and grand-daughter-in-law! Though it may seem difficult to know all of them at once, make an effort to invest in building these relationships! To start with, understand and accept that this is also your family!


  • Yes, you did not share your room with someone else before! Now, there’s your husband who not only shares your bed but also your closet, bathroom and of course privacy! Accept it, he’s going to be the one person who will also come back to you when you’re feeling low and homesick! He should be your key to building other relationships in the new family. Give him all your love and learn to share your space.


  • Cooking is not a skill every married woman should learn, but it’s a survival skill and every person, irrespective of gender should learn! Keeping in mind that you’re for ‘traditional’ reasons expected to know how to cook, it doesn’t harm in learning this skill for your own survival.You don’t have to be a masterchef on day one, but, learn slowly and ask your mother-in-law to help you through it. It’s one of the most problematic situation in every new bride’s life, especially is she doesn’t know how to cook.


  • Suddenly everyone expects you to act wisely and take matured decisions! You din’t think it was necessary all these years to take life changing decisions! But now it’s expected out of you! Sit down, relax, take decisions with regards to joint accounts with your husband, a baby, a financial investment and career wisely and keep your husband in the loop.


  • Thinking about others before yourself! All you thought about all these years was when will you come back home to you family or where is the latest sale this season! Now, you are expected (sadly) that you should always think about others before yourself. If the in laws are had a good day, if the maid has arrived, the husband is happy and also if that cousin of his who is visiting! It’s a lot to take in but enjoy being the center attention at this point in life.


  • Work! If you took leave from work for your wedding and now that it’s done, how to switch back to the work mode? It is often ignored but many of our friends have faced this problem; workplace is too far from your in laws place, commuting is  a problem or you are in the kind of field which requires you to stay at work for long hours! All these and many other issues are faced by newly wed brides who are constantly trying to balance their new family and work commitments.


  • When is the good news? It’s not even been a month and all those aunties from your mom-in-law’s kitty party are waiting to see your baby. There will be pressure in some cases and in some, there will be doubts which will come your way as taunts. Be clear! Tell your in laws when you and your husband have planned for a baby and if you have not! Keep them informed and let them answer those neighbors! You don’t need to answer them or get offended when they ask you private questions! Such is life, take it with a pinch of salt!


  • Your friends will keep taunting you on how new brides ignore them post the wedding! Catching up with your friends for a drink or coffee is not as easy as it was earlier. You need to keep your in laws informed or your husband informed that you’ll be late and especially if you are married into a conservative family, the time matters. You may think …urghhh it’s 2016 and we have our freedom to so what we want, but sadly whether you accept it or not, you’ll face this situation some time or the other!



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