7 Ways to Prepare Your Child For Nursery School!

First day of school!!!

Your child is starting nursery; it is a huge milestone to get your child for the new world. In all probability you may be going through conflicting emotions – excited, happy about all the fun and friends your child would have but a tad bit sad or worried that the apple of your eyes is venturing out into the big world all by himself/herself. Read on to find out how you can cope with these feelings.


Will her teacher be nice, will she get along with other kids, or will he/she be able to do things on her own – are these questions running in your mind? Well, you are bound to have these feelings, and your little bundle of joy may also be having a plethora of emotions about the transition. Remember, a child’s experience in his first few days in school can have a huge influence in his life later.

The Preschool Prep

The weeks leading up to the big day can be spent on fun activities at home. Here are ways to prepare for the first day in a new setting, as you begin your countdown to the first!

1. Pretend a play to give the idea of preschool. You can be the parent, child and teacher by acting out daily routines, sing songs, rhymes, read out stories, playing outside, sharing books or food and eating tiffin. You must give positive assurance to your child that nursery is a fun place to learn and make friends.

2. Read out the nursery books to your child. If you head out to the public library, you will find assorted books onvarious topics and you can share them with your child before the school commences. You can talk about the story and how the characters to your child. You can also buy nursery class tutorial or books beforehand to get the child acclimatised with the courses.

3. Shop together for school-items. Go shopping with your child and let him choose his bag, tiffin box, shoes, pencil box etc. This way he is familiar with his stuff and you emphasise the fact that he is a big kid, ready to take on the new world. You can also pack the bag together!

4. Play, enact, game out self-help activities. You both can play school together! You can role play the various skills a child needs to practise likeunzipping her raincoat, hanging it on a hook, sitting lady-like or gently on the chair, unzipping her lunch box, unwrapping her sandwich, unzipping and putting on her backpack, toilet training and fastening her shoes. You can even have a picnic together a week before the school, get a few other kids from your friend circle so this way you get watch your child’s behaviour in the presence of other kids.

5. If you are worried she/he will miss you too much, make her an album of family photos and place it in her bag. She can look at it when she feels lonely.

6. At least a month prior to school, you must set your child’s bedtime and wake up time in place. A good night’s sleep before the first day is also a must.

7. You must contact a health professional of the school if your child has medication that he or she takes daily.



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