7 Ways To Make Your Balcony Beautiful!

Gorgeous balcony spreads peace!

Balconies often end up as an extension of the ever expanding utility or just a space embellished with some sparse pots and plants with forced furniture. Here are some fun and easy ways to do up your balcony without burning a hole in your pocket.

While the sweltering temperature outside might urge you to not leave the cool comfort of your home , a well done balcony can be the perfect space where you can lounge , relax and enjoy a fine summer evening with a good book and a pitcher of lemonade.

Picking a theme

Picking a theme that works for you the best is of importance. Either make your space a personal haven or make it your semi-formal lounge to entertain your friends. You could also make it a quirky green nook or a pretty semi open space that would be perfect for a candle lit date.

Picking the right furniture

Using easy to clean and light weight furniture that fits just fine in the available space is important. From converting old wooden boxes or trunks into seats to using swings or hammocks or going with the conventional sturdy wrought iron or cane furniture, there are number of options that you can resort to. Use a shoe rack or a multi utilitarian storage rack &line it up with potted plants that will add a soothing touch to the balcony.

Safe savers

Make it more user friendly by using fold-able furniture and tables. Hand rail perches like tea-light holders, plant holders etc.are extremely chic and user friendly. Using trunks as seating that can also be used to store away essentials is another good idea. Saving up surface area by using hanging plants and creepers is another great way to make the best of what’s available.

Going green

You can turn your balcony into a little green sanctuary. Throw in some creepers to adorn your railings and walls and you can quirk up your space by turning old ceramics, used tins etc. into tiny plant holders or to build bird nests to attract the winged visitors.

Light it right

From using tea light holders to creating a romantic candle lit evening to using garden accessories to go with your green haven, using fairy lights to create an ethereal set up and using good old lamp shades alongside traditional furniture , take a pick from myriad lighting options to suit the theme you have chosen.


There is a large variety of accessories that you can find very easily to adorn your balcony. Remember all those souvenirs that you have collected during your escapades? Your balcony is the best place to show them off! Reusing wooden storage boxes, throwing in comfy cushions, placing those elegant candles on your railing are just a few ideas that can get you started on the expansive ways to accessorize your tailor made space.

The utilitarian balcony

If you are an avid bibliophile or a nature lover who loves working outdoors, convert a part of your balcony into a reading nook or work space while opening up the rest to your whim and fancy. If you love terrace lounges, convert the space into a private dining area. If you love entertaining your friends, convert your balcony into the perfect barbecue lounge complete with a barbecue, a tiny kitchenette and lazy furniture making it the perfect spot for a small gathering.

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