7 Ways To Change Your Boring Sex Life!

Make Love Better Than Yesterday!

Centuries have passed, but the art of making love has been more or less the same! Then why do your friends say they had great sex last night and not too great this morning? Many couples have hit the bulls-eye (The big O) most of the times they have an intercourse. But some of us don’t meet the satisfaction goals each time! Ever thought if you’re doing something wrong?

Experts say, the way you make love is more important than just going for a climax! Yes, climax is when you get completely satisfied, but the pre-climax foreplay is as important as the finale! Check out some simple tricks to make sure sex is better than before!

  • Give the good


    ‘ missionary position a break! Go for different angles; you won’t believe how sexy it gets when you go for a new position. Check out some angles mentioned in Kamasutra!

  • It’s also harmful and non-satisfactory when the lubricant you use goes dry and you are not naturally lubricating. Dry sex can hurt the walls of you vagina! Get those lubricants available in the market and don’t forget to check the expiry date! You can go for that ‘rough sex’ session that you always wanted to try, when using a lubricant!

  • Communication is so important! Don’t just lie, do it and get over with it! Make it exciting; try dirty talking! Many men confessed that they love their partners talking dirty; it adds the extra fire!

  • Play sex games! Heard of sex on the cards? Play the game or try playing any fun game which of course needs some stripping here and there!

  • Go order those sex toys! Sex toys are super helpful in turning those boring sex sessions to something more exciting. Make sure you read all the rules and regulations when using sex toys!

  • Both of you like soft, smooth sex? Try the opposite one day! There are many softer ways of having rough sex too (no, really). Tying each other is one of the most exciting activities of BDSM that couples like you can try.

  • Try surprise sex! Coming back from work, showering, eating, making love and then sleeping! That order needs to be rearranged. Try jumping into shower together; try having sex by giving your partner a surprise ‘anything’.

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