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7 Top Actresses Who Nailed The Role Of A Sex Worker!

Actresses and versatility.

The art of cinema is unique and gives the actors a chance to play different roles on screen. Whether it’s Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Paa’ or Tabu in ‘Chandni Bar’, many actors have toiled hard to look close to their characters. Sex workers are a reality of the world and for decades mainstream cinema and parallel cinema have got inspired from the profession and portrayed with elan on screen.

Many raised eyebrows when top stars played the character of a prostitute, however, they brought out the best emotions and the struggles of the ones in the profession successfully through their movies. Here are our picks of the best actresses who eased into the character and left us spellbound.

Vidya Balan in Begum Jaan




The recently released trailer of the upcoming movie,’Begum Jaan’ has left us wondering if there’s anyone else who can play their roles as good as Vidya Balan. The ‘Kahaani’ star has proved her mettle with each movie and she’s one of the most versatile stars of our generation. Vidya plays the role of a former sex worker and a Madame who runs a brothel right at the border of India and Pakistan. It’ll be interesting to see how she would carry the role on her shoulders especially after the huge success of ‘Dirty Picture’.


Tabu in Chandni Bar



As Mumtaz, Tabu struck the chord with the audiences with a powerful role as a young girl who was forced into bar dancing and prostitution. Her struggle as an ageing mother who fights for her family’s survival is gripping. The movie won Tabu the National award for best acting. It’s still one of the most moving performances of the Cheeni Kum star. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing a great movie.

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