7 Times Your Best Friend Is Better Than Your Boyfriend!

We all have that one friend don’t we?!

Admit, we all love our best friends a teeny bit more than the love of our life. Your best friend can relate to you and at times, even love you more than your boyfriend does. Here are 7 times that your best friend is better than your boyfriend!

1. She actually listens to you

Your best friend can put up with your endless amount of ranting and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about half the things that you tell her because she’s not going to judge you anyway. And she is the best when it comes to comforting you.



2. She points out if you are crazy

If and when you become crazy, your best friend can point it out without offending you. And you know she’s right!


3. She genuinely compliments you

If that dress looks really good on you, your best friend will tell you and it won’t be like the half observed comment a boy friend gives!


4. She knows when you’re ranting and goes with it

Many men find it annoying when their girlfriend keeps complaining about the most insignificant things. But your best friend will understand if you are ranting and actually goes on with the gossips too.


5. She has always been there for you

If you fight with your best friend, it is not the end of the world whereas a rough patch in a relationship is technically some great damage. Towards the end of the day, your best friend loves you no matter what because she cannot live without you and vice versa.


6. She is equally excited!

When you are excited about something, an extra few squeals and giggles are confirmed because your best friend is as excited as you are.


7. You can be yourself with her

Your best friend does not watch how much you eat. She does not judge you if you eat less and she will not judge you if you eat more. That’s one thing many boyfriends are not capable of!




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