7 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who Just Broke Up!

You can start dating soon!!! No!

As it is, a break up is harsh and rough on your tender heart; and getting relationship advices from those single friends makes it worse. If your friend is going through a break up, be a little more sensitive. If you don’t have anything better to say just don’t say anything for the heck of it.

Take them out, do things what your friend likes, but don’t add fuel to the fire. Here are 7 things you should NEVER tell a broken heart even if your intention is good.


  • Start Dating To Get Over It: What? No way! Singing up for Tinder or any other way of dating shouldn’t be on their list anytime soon. Let them recover! Rebound love is the worst ever!


  • I Saw This Coming: No one sees heartbreak coming. Stop telling them that you knew. It makes the whole relationship look like a lie. It’s real feelings, don’t disregard what they had between them.


  • I Think He Was Cheating On You: Why? Just why should you bother now? The break up already hurts and by telling them this, you’ll make them jealous about a person they have already let go. There’s going to be further discomfort!


  • You Should Get Back Together: C’mon! They broke up for a reason. Telling them about a chance of fairytale with their ex, is just cruel. Why raise hopes on a dry land? Let them decide for themselves if they want to get back together.


  • OMG! That’s devastating: If you say this, you’ll be responsible for their downfall and if in worse cases their ‘suicide’ attempts. Don’t make the pain worse. Life doesn’t stop for anyone in the world! That’s what you should say instead!


  • Drink And Forget: Remember Devdas? Yeah! Drinking up and listening to sad heartbreak songs is just too much to handle; and btw you’ll be the audience for their break up dance. Alcohol makes things worse. Don;t suggest please!


  • May Be You Were Not Interesting Anymore: Criticizing their looks, behavior and terming it as the reason for their break up? You should be imprisoned if you say something this harsh. Just let them be!


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