7 Sweet Things To Do In Bed That Your Guy Would Love!

Little things that will make him feel special!

Little things are the most beautiful things in life. Every little sign of love and care you show for your guy can make him fall for you over and over again. You don’t always have to buy expensive gifts or have hardcore sex with him to show him how special he is to you. Obviously they are one of the ways to express your love for him, but there are other sweet little things that can make him go crazy.



Give him a little massage

A little massage before he falls asleep can be the best thing that he can get post a tiring day. The massage not only makes him get rid off the stress hormones but also releases ‘oxyotcin’ the love hormone.

Wear his clothes

Wearing his clothes is one of the most romantic thing which you can experience only when you try. Wearing a T-Shirt that doesn’t fit him can be even better as he would be surprised to see you in a T-Shirt that he hasn’t worn in a while and almost forgot about it. If you haven’t tried it, go grab an unused T-shirt immediately! (His smell in his clothes will make you feel close to him as well!)

Plan for a simple surprise

Never stop doing the little things for your partner as they hold the biggest part in your sweetheart’s life. Surprise him now and then with things like decorating your bed with flowers, having the bedroom ready to binge watch his favourite movies (getting some wine or making food along with it can make it the best!) can make him feel special and loved. No matter if you succeed in surprising him or not, as at the end of the day he will be happy about the effort you had taken for him.

Dress up for him

Dressing up doesn’t mean wearing all your fashionable clothes like you are going on a date. Dressing up before bed can be wearing fancy¬†lingerie and funky underwears which can turn the night sexy and heavenly. Try this and you’ll know what we mean!

Feed him 

Feeding him food is something that he will consider very special and when you do it when he is in bed, he ll thank you from his heart for the cozy feeling. After all you want him to feel refreshing and this can do the trick definitely!

Complement his looks

Wanna see your man shy? Tell him what you think about his physique or looks and we’re sure you’ll get to see him blush!

Take a shower before bed

Take a shower before going to bed. He definitely can’t resist your partially wet hair, soft skin and the fresh smell from your body!





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