7 Ridiculous Things Every Unmarried Woman Hears!

Tired of hearing these?

Whether you are married or not people always have loads of advises stored for you in their bags. But if you’re unmarried, Bonus points!!!The advice count sure as hell doubles!! Here’s a list of seven most ridiculous advises young unmarried woman are fed-up of hearing.

Why do you need another degree?

Women definitely love taking care of their family and doing household chores but let’s get one thing straight, they are not meant just for that. Even in this 21st century, women are questioned about why they should pursue their higher education when they can easily get married with the amount of money spent on their so called “useless education”. Really?!

You won’t get married if you’re seen together with your guy-friends!

You’re joking right?! Not every guy who accompanies us or has coffee with us is our boyfriend. He might be a genuine friend of ours who supports us in times of trouble. Also, nobody wants to get married to a person who doesn’t understand a genuine, decent friendship. This is for those ‘relatives’ who bring in arranged proposals!

You’re next!

Okay! That’s it!! This is something every unmarried girl is literally fed-up of hearing. Every family get-together doesn’t end without an elderly making this sarcastic comment. Can you please grow up and understand that we will get married when we feel completely involved with someone and don’t need a reminder.

You don’t have to work after marriage!

Oh c’mon! Working does not necessarily have to be out of needs, some women do it out of pure passion. Also, people have to understand that working after marriage will basically make a woman feel more confident and financially secure in case there is trouble in paradise. Working after marriage will not only raise her standards in the society but within her family circle as well.

How can you stay with a man when you’re not married to him?

Firstly, we sure as hell can. Of course, we understand that Indian society is not used to live-in relationships but you know what; times change, people change and it would be much appreciated if people could just stop judging it. There is definitely no need to pressurize a woman to mention her boyfriend as her husband in public just so you’re ashamed of it. Well, FLASH NEWS!!! She’s not!!!

We can’t let your younger sister or your elder brother get married before you do!

Okay!! There’s definitely no logic in asking our siblings to wait to have a life until we find our love!! Love, as everyone knows cannot be forced. Marrying a person just so you’re siblings are next-in-line is the last thing every woman wishes to do in her life.

Why isn’t she married still? Is everything okay with her?

Of course everything is okay with her! She hasn’t got married yet basically because she hasn’t found her man and there’s no need to let your imaginations flow. Give her the time and space she needs and she’ll probably find her sweetheart in time.

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