7 Movies Which Had Great Songs But Bombed At The Box Office

How we wish the films were good too!


3  JFW

This movie is a classic example of great music but the film bombing at the box office. The song Kolaveri di was an international sensation and has gained more than one hundred thousand views on YouTube. This was music composer Anirudh’s debut movie. There was a huge hype before the movie’s release. The film was not appreciated by many and also did not ring bells at the box office.



Sakkara Katti JFW

If you do not know which movie this is, remember the song Taxi Taxi?  Yes, the song is from this movie. Starring Bhagyaraj’s son Shathnoo as debutante, this movie had music by the A.R. Rahman. All songs from the movie were great, but the film was a huge disappointment.



kadal JFW

The song Nenjukulle was performed by Sakthishree Gopalan in MTV Unplugged. The song went viral and people eagerly awaited the film’s release as it was a A.R. Rahman and Mani Ratnam combo. The film did not do well at the box office as many did not like the picturization of the songs. The film was one of the very few failures of Mani Ratnam.



bheema JFW

All songs were a major hit before the film’s release, especially the melodies, Ragasiya Kanavugal and Ennadhuyire. The film which had Vikram and Trisha play lead roles, failed at the box office. The Harris Jayaraj musical was released after much hype but was not received well by the audience.



Vanakkam-Chennai JFW

The movie depended on it’s songs for it’s box office success and failed at it. Anirudh who was the music director for the film, gave some great numbers for this film including the hit songs, Osaka and Oh Penne. The film did have have a great story or screenplay to back it and was a flop at the theaters.



delhi6 JFW

Another A.R. Rahman musical, the film’s songs were topping the charts before it’s release. The songs Masakalli and Rehna Tu are the most loved songs from the movie. Sadly the movie did not do well at the box office. The film featured Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor in lead roles.



anwar JFW

Directed by Manish Jha this film had music by Mithoon of Aashique 2 fame. The film had a good music track but did not do well at the box office. The song Maula Mera Maula was one song which stood out from the other music tracks in the movie.

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