7 Most Underrated Joys Of Being Single!

No one talks about it!

There are advises, some pressure and lots of reflection on why you’re single; Especially if you’re over the globally judged age of 30! Why live by the rules? Make sure you don’t settle for a relationship under pressure. There’s pure joy in being single. Here are some of the most underrated ones!

  • Your sleep is peaceful when you aren’t paranoid about being cheated upon. The feeling of no one sneaking or lying behind your back is an absolute bliss.
  • Guess what? You don’t have to wake up to a smelly loo. The happiness of attending a morning call in a clean and dry bathroom is so underrated.
  • You don’t have to compromise on the shows you’re watching on Netflix. Netflix and chilling alone is super underrated.
  • You can use the entire space in your wardrobe for yourself! How amazing is that?
  • There’s no reason to entertain the so called annoying friends of your partner. You can be yourself!
  • No bikini wax, no wax at all! You aren’t running on a deadline to look shiny and beautiful for your partner.
  • No one is bothering you while you’re asleep. No disturbance, no irritation! Just plain pure joy of enjoying deep sleep.


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