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7 Kamal Hassan Movies We Will Never Grow Tired Of Watching!

Evergreen Kamal movies!

Kamal Haasan is a gem that our film industry has been fortunate enough to find. His movies have taken Indian Cinema to greater heights. There are so many movies that we would love to re-watch but we pick 7 movies that are evergreen and the ones we love the most! 




nayagan JFW
This gangster movie directed by Mani Ratnam is everyone’s favorite. The movie is listed in world’s 100 movies you should watch before you die. The film was inspired from the famous movie Godfather and was loosely based on the life of Varadharajan Mudhaliar who was a don in Mumbai. Illayaraja’s music just makes this movie one of Kamal’s best!



michael-madhana-Kamarajan JFW Magazine
This absolute laugh riot is one of the movies you can watch over and over, but will still crack you up. This situation comedy involves 4 brothers who grew apart as kids and finally meet at one epic scene in the climax! All four tracks are so hilarious with each of them from different walks of life.



Kurithipunal JFW Magazine
One of the best police movies ever made, this Kamal and Arjun combo movie just tops the list of Kamal’s best movies! It has one of the best plot ever written and executed to justice. Kamal’s look and getup and how he carried himself in the movie as a just police officer is applauding!



Anbe Sivam1 JFW Magazine
Easily the best movie of Kamal, this film addressed the controversy behind Kamal being an atheist. With his partner in crime Madhavan, this film warmed everybody’s heart! Kamal bore a disfigured face in the movie and was much appreciated for his performance.



Hey Ram JFW Magazine
This movie was one of the controversial movies that Kamal made and one of the highly misunderstood movies of Kamal. Haasan was once quoted saying that this movie was his journey towards understanding ‘Gandhism.’ Revolving around the Hindu-Muslim conflict during the British Raj this period flick is one of the best conceptualized movies of Kamal Haasan!



guna JFW Magazine
Only Kamal could pull off a role like Guna! With brilliant performances and a different story line this movie is evergreen just like the eternal love of the lead pair. With twists and turns at every step of the plot, this film serves as a absolute must watch!



Panchathanthiram JFW Magazine
The third of the comedy trilogy (Thenali-Pamal K Sambandam- Panchathanthiram), this movie was the best among the three. With a ensemble cast of great actors and Kamal between them, this movie had the best dialogues and an amazing screenplay! A laugh-riot with its situation comedy scenes, this is movie is gold for Kamal fans!



Written By: Subashini Suresh

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