7 Interesting Lessons To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Try it tonight and thank us in the morning ;)

Has the sizzle slipped out of your sex life? And, is orgasm a far fetched dream? Well all is not lost yet. So what if you are not a pro, our sex lessons would still have you rediscovering the hidden sparks of love making, adding more than just spice to your life Sure, you would have glanced enough information from those oh-­so-­mushy Mills and Boon stories or surreptitious glances at love making scenes in films. But, you don’t need an amateur to tell you that most of those don’t really work in real time. Take a look at our incredibly practical sex lessons, guaranteed to blow you (and his) mind away.

Lesson 1: Foreplay for more play

Sex isn’t just about jumping into bed with your partner (though at times that can be fun too). And , it doesn’t have to be a mundane routine. Sex is a beautiful part of life. The first lesson is to get comfortable with your partner. Start by gentle caressing and touching him. Get cozy and add a lot of foreplay to increase the intimacy. The feeling of warmth wouldn’t just build up the excitement but also leave behind a special glow, the aftermath of satisfactory sex.

Lesson 2: Turn it on

Girls, don’t we all know that it takes us longer than the men to get started? Even if you have a man who would do all that it takes to get you on a high, it’s better to have a head start. And no, it’s not always the man’s job to arouse you. If you are looking for a sexual experience which would blow your mind into smithereens, make an effort to break free, Pull out the mental blocks and get yourself in the ‘wild” mode. Fantasize about your man or even that smokin’hot movie star you have always drooled over (yes,it’s perfectly alright as long as you don’t blurt it out to your partner) and be turned on even before the actual touching starts. Watching you already turned on means that he’d be goaded on by your enthusiasm and that would be immediately followed by some worth action.

Lesson 3: Get goofy

Let’s face it! Life isn’t perfect and the same rules applies to sex. No, it is not about perfectly orchestrated movements. And the new position which you are trying out might not actually turn out the way you fantasize it. Bloopers are common so are the odd noises. Well, the best way to deal with such mishaps is to laugh it out. Sex isn’t as seamless as they make it look in the movies.
Men want the romps to be fun and they really, really love women who are not just adventurous in bed but also those who can laugh at all the goof ups. You can even get frisky by having bets and the winner gets paid by sexual favours. How’s that for fun?
Lesson 4. Bad girls get good sex Excitement is as important as performance. Keep your guy in anticipation of the next movie.
Send out naughty texts to surprise him or even go all the way and talk up a sizzle over the phone. If you are the characteristic bad girl, good for you! Men love the naughty side and, turning on your wicked girl mode would surely turn him on. Whisper naughty nothings or make an unexpected pass the more shocking the better.

Lesson 6: Play out your fantasy

Every guy (and most girls too has a fantasy. Find out what gives your guy an instant high. No matter how crazy it may sound, don’t freak out. Play it out slowly and Improvise it to suit your convenience . Ans yes, you can tell him your fantasies and ask him to make them come true. A fair swap, we say and a perfect recipe whipped up to shake things a bit and add a dash of
excitement to your session.

Lesson 7: Sex by the pool

Want to ban the boredom from your bedroom? Take sex out of the bed and try out new and exciting places to make love. The kitchen is a great place to start or even your rooftop for instance. Making love in a new place adds to the exciting. If this counts as mild, go adventurous. Have a quick one at the elevator or add some excitement by making love in the car. Sex by the poolside is a great idea too. Think innovative and you can zero down on countless destinations to make love, keeping it fresh and making him want more.

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