7 Indian Women React: How Safe Is It For Women To Ask For A Lift From A Stranger?

Is it our responsibility?

News broke out of a mother-of-two from Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka who was raped  by 9 men at her maternal home. The victim took a lift from a stranger who dropped her home and followed her to her door steps. He then pushed her and raped her.

For the next 9 days, his friends broke in, drugged her and raped her. Medical examinations proved the sexual assault and now all of them have been arrested. To know the story in detail, click here.

We dreadfully await comments from some men who will now blame the victim for taking a lift from a stranger. We spoke to seven Indian women from around the country and asked them if it’s safe for a woman to take a lift from a stranger. Here’s what they had to say:

Ritika Kumar, a Journalist from Delhi says, “I did take a life from a stranger one day when I was drunk. That was a mistake and am never doing that again. When I hear stories like these, I know a lot men would say, “Oh, it’s her fault that she took a lift from a stranger. And may be she was there alone because she was looking for sex.” I believe it’s a huge risk in doing so. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Amritha Rajavelu, a Fashion Stylist from Bengaluru says, “While asking for a lift from a stranger, there is a definite chance that we might end up with a man with ill thoughts. This is not something that’s within our control. So it makes sense to avoid situations where we have no control. This is just a simple safety measure. Don’t give strange men/women control over you.”

Shashi Sutari, a Vancouver-based Indian student says, “I don’t think it’s as bad as we think. We just need to be cautious and make sure we inform someone we trust of the number of the car or bike, so we can be traced if something goes wrong. Being safe than sorry is the key.”

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