7 Fashion Pieces You Can Steal From Your Mom’s Closet!!

Some tips from 70s fashion divas too!!

How we love the 70s…Sigh! The big bang of fashion industry happened in the 70s and we just can’t let those fashion trends go to the history books yet. Check out your mom’s or aunt’s college pictures and pick some of those fashion pieces which are available even today¬†and have come back to fashion. Pair the 70s style with today’s futuristic accessories and you’ll be a perfect fusion of 70’s diva living in 2016!


Here are some tips to lock open you mom’s trunk and recycle these timeless fashion pieces!


Vintage Giant Glasses


7 pieces to steal


We remember Sharmila Tagore sporting a huge bun, a simple saree, winged eyeliner and the huge sunglasses in her movies during the 70s. Most of the stars in the 70s from Bollywood and Hollywood swore by those glasses! These glasses may not suit every face shape, but who cares! Carry them off with super sexy summer maxis, a high bun and bohemian flats! Super sexy! Check with mum if she has preserved hers! Steal it!


Retro Denims


7 pieces to steal.jpg 2


High-waisted palazzos, trousers and denims are back in fashion. Fashionistas in the 70 wore high-waited pants and paired them up with crop tops and shirts tucked in! These pants a must-have! This trend was also a fashion favorite during the 90s! Don’t believe it? Check out the first season of Sex & the City! Carrie’s wardrobe was full of these beautiful pairs! Closer home, check out Parveen Babi’s look in Amar, Akbar, Anthony!



Polka Dots


7 pieces to steal.jpg 3


Western fashion industry biggies followed the polka dots’ trend through out the 70s! Check if your mom has a polka dot saree! We bet she would have worn one of them. You can borrow the saree and get a sexy strapless blouse! That’s a perfect 70s Bollywood diva look. If saree is a dream, go pick those palazzos or baggy pants with polka dots!


Rudraksh Neckpiece


7 pieces to steal.jpg 4


Dum Maaro Dum was a classic and needless to say Zeenat Aman rocked the hippie look. She paired her comfortable outfits with a huge red bindi and long rudraksh neck piece. Look at this the picture above! Need we say more?


Hoop Earrings 


7 pieces to steal.jpg 5


Rakhi, Sridevi, Sharmila Tagore and now Bipasha Basu; all these actresses make those hoop earrings a must-have fashion piece. You don’t need any other accessory if you wear those big hoops on your ears! Adds the right kind of drama to your look!



7 pieces to steal.jpg 6


Check out what Sonam Kapoor, Gigi Hadid and many other fashionistas are sporting on the necks these days! At Bipasha’s wedding, Sonam was seen wearing the 70s choker along with her super hot saree! Chokers have come back in trend they look just as hot they used to look on the 70s fashionistas!


Bandanas & Headbands


7 pieces to steal.jpg 7


A must-have Summer accessory! South Indian actress Lakshmi and Sridevi’s movie Julie was one of the most successful movies of the 70s! Both the actress wore thin,thick, polka dotted and all kinds of head bands in the movie! A small chat with you mom and she’ll tell you how popular this trend was during her younger days! Go get your hands on that precious trunk!





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