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7 Actors Who Toiled Very Hard For Their Role

Perfection is the mantra for these actors!

India cinema industry has been blessed with some of the brilliant actors and that is the reason why our films have been put in the international map. Some actors take their work very seriously and sometimes even go beyond of what is required of them. We take a look at 7 actors who have toiled hard for their roles and continue to do so. 



kamal haasan JFW


Kamal Haasan is always known for his perfection when it comes to his movies. He has done so many different characters in his movies and is one of the most versatile actors of Indian cinema. One of the most difficult roles he had to play was as a dwarf in the film Apoorva Sagotharargal. Kamal Haasan convinced us that he was an evil dwarf brother without a doubt.



Priyanka JFW


Priyanka Chopra played the role of a mentally ill girl, who falls in love with a deaf & dumb boy in Barfi! It was a challenging role for the actress and she played it to perfection. Her character Jhilmil was widely appreciated by the audience.



vidya-balan JFW


Vidya Balan who is known to act in performance centric roles and non glamorous, went on to play the role of Silk Smitha, a famous item girl during the 90’s. Vidya Balan won the National Award for this film. She went out of her way to perform Silk Smitha to perfection.



Amitabh Paa JFW


Amitabh Bachchan, one of the iconic actors of the Indian film industry played a 12-year-old boy with a rare genetic disorder called progeria. He made everyone tear up after watching the movie and won the National award for this film.



Vikram JFW


We have always admired Vikram’s dedication when it comes to movies. I was not the only movie he worked very hard for. Right from Sethu where he played a mentally ill patient to a blind singer in Kasi, Vikram has given marvelous performances.



Randeep Hooda JFW


Randeep Hooda is known for doing different roles. His performance in Highway was much appreciated and he looks like he has given everything into the biopic Sarbjit, who is tortured by Pakistani authorities after he gets arrested for a bomb blast. Randeep Hooda brings to life the amount of pain Sarbjit went through physically and mentally.





Shah Rukh Khan the heartthrob of millions made a movie about a fan.The film tells the story of an obsessive fan, Gaurav (SRK) who is a lookalike of a megastar called Aryan Khanna (also SRK).  The film struck a cord with every SRK admirer and his performance was widely appreciated by the audience.

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