6 Ways To Make Sure You And Your Partner Are Equally Satisfied On Bed!

Learn to balance the sex act.

Lovemaking is that aspect of a relationship which requires satisfying both the partners equally. Making love is an art and if either of the partners is not satisfied, what’s the point?Learn to balance the sex act. 


Sexual desires are natural human feelings. You fall in love, you care for your partner emotionally and physically. Does a relationship survive if the sex life is not as satisfactory as the emotional bond you both share? We give you tips which you can use to make sure you and your lover are as happy and satisfied as you want each other to be.


Kissing is one part of sexual activity which sets the mood just right and breaks the ice. The love in your partner’s eyes is most often evident when he/she comes forward to kiss you. If you are the kind who doesn’t like the kissing act, and you fake a passionless kiss, be rest assured your partner will know. It’s not only a way to move forward and make love but also to know how much you love each other. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a great kisser, just do it. If you don’t know how to do it right, ask your partner. There’s a lot of fun learning it from your better half too.


Where’s the fun in getting right to the act? Try experimenting if he wants you to. Clear out all the notions you have in your mind. Accept the fact that you both should get comfortable with each other’s bodies. Some men like making love in more ways than one. Just go with the flow and the results will surprise you. If he likes it dirty, no harm! Try it.


If you don’t like it dirty, tell him. If you don’t feel comfortable,talk it out. Find a midpath where both of you agree on making your rules of satisfaction. Tell your man you like it wild or you like it slower. Go his way sometimes and let him do it your way sometimes. Both the partners should know what turns each other on. It’s not a compromise; it’s an act of love which can do wonders to your relationship.


Some of you like using contraceptives and some of you don’t. Make sure you practice safe sex and by that we mean, if you don’t want to regret sex later, take precautions. Sex should be experienced when both of you are mentally ready to understand the repercussions of having unsafe sex. If you don’t want to worry about pregnancy, take precautions. Respect what she wants in bed. An act as beautiful as lovemaking should be stress-free. Be aware and feel every touch the way it should be felt.


We have met so many women who say,“Oh he wants to do it only twice, thrice a week,”… “He wants to do it only on weekends,” Sigh! It’s not a walk on the treadmill people. Sex is a feeling to be felt just when both of you want it. Don’t put a number on it, just indulge when you both want to. Throw those calendar bookmarks out and explore the fun! Surprise sex is so much more passionate than planning it.


If one of you is not satisfied in bed, it may kill the romance. Some couples adjust, some don’t, leading to a broken relationship. Take it seriously, understand each other’s physical needs and pamper it with love. Don’t let your sex life be boring, spice things up.


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