6 Amsterdam beauties you can’t miss!

Known as the Venice of North Europe, Amsterdam has squarely landed itself in the global spotlight! Here are the must-see places to quench your wanderlust while in Amsterdam.


Located in the ‘Old Center’ of the city, the 13th century church is celebrated for its natural acoustics and lights which mold themselves according to the weather conditions. The Church shelters the graves of Saskia and Maayen, wives of artist Rembrandt and poet Vondel. The city’s oldest garden dating back to 1260 can be viewed in all its glory right in front of the sacristy.


It is believed that the Dam Square is a National Monument, built in honor of all the Dutch individuals who perished in World War II. It is also said that the Dam Square was built during the 13th century to protect the occupants of the city from floods. Presided by the Royal Palace and the Madam Tussauds museum, the square is one place where you can witness rare sights like a 19th century carriage to a man dressed like a warrior king!


For anyone looking for a fun exploration of the city at night, the ‘Red Light District’, popularly known as ‘De Wallen’ amongst the locals is a good choice. The area by itself stands to showcase free will to do, to see or to show off what you please. We suggest you to go there with an open mind and carry back memories that would rest with you forever.


If you are a history aficionado, you would not want to miss this place. This is a house dedicated to Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who stayed in hiding from the Nazis during the World War II. The diary that she maintained to record her experiences during her hiding brings to light many hidden historic facts unheard of and though many years have rolled by, it is still well preserved.


‘Sunflowers’, ‘The Bedroom’ and ‘The Potato Eaters’ may not be mere words for those art enthusiasts who always held a penchant for Dutch post- impressionist artists. With more than 750 captivating paintings by Van Gogh displayed here, you are sure to enjoy the surreal world and with the entry fee a modest €14 it is a coup.


The resplendent painting collection showcases Rembradant and Vermeer’s art work featuring the ‘Golden Age of the Netherlands’. After a 10-year renovation which ended this April, it is now open to the public which makes it a must visit. If you miss visiting the Rijksmuseum at the city, take a quick glimpse of some of the treasures from the museum at the Schiphol airport for free.

Traveller’s Tip: It is advisable to buy the ‘Museum kaart’ available for just €50, which makes your entry free at over 1000 museums throughout the Netherlands!

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