5 Ways To Stop A Craving, When It Hits!

Do not give in!

Every once in a while we get clobbered by a food craving, and are left in shambles. When that happens, there are two ways to it, one you give in to temptation, or two that you outsmart that craving. While the first option seems like the only way out, here are some simple methods that can help you cut that craving.


Wait it out 

Tell yourself that would have it’ some other time’.  If you are available to change the way you think, then trick your brain by saying these simple words. Satisfying that craving is easier, but keeping in control lets your body be disciplined.  


Distract yourself

Our mind keeps taking us back to the irresistible urge that our body is asking for. Just the thought of that chocolate center gooey lava cake makes you drool. The simplest option is to chew a gum, or have something else in your mouth that’ll take away your attention. Take a walk and drink some herbal tea.


A hot beverage

Sipping on something warm, a cup of coffee or some tea is a good idea while craving something indulgent and delicious. The warm drink will stimulate the vagus nerve that can help in dial it down a little bit.


Don’t give in each time

The more you indulge in what your body asks for, the more submissive you become to its every craving. Hence, keep that body urge in control by not listening to its every unreasonable demand. This way your body slowly gets accustomed.


Healthier substitutes

A healthy alternative to your calorie rich craving is a good way of beating that binge urge. For example: Wanting to eat a candy bar, eat a protein bar instead, ice creams can be substituted by frozen yogurt and chips can be replaced with some popcorn. This way all your cravings are sure to have that one stand by.

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