5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Brown Rice

You are going to love this change!

Most of us are aware of the fact that brown rice is better than white rice in all aspects. However, not many of us know why exactly it is better!! Here, we list 5 best reasons to change to brown rice right away.



Brown rice is extremely high on fiber when compared to white rice. This prevents the consumer from colon cancer as the fibers bear the capacity to eliminate the substances which cause cancer and other harmful toxins.


Brown rice is rich in anti-oxidant which is capable of breaking down the effect of tobacco smoke and other radiations. However, people usually associate anti-oxidants with blueberries, strawberries other fruits and vegetables and don’t realize that they are abundantly found in brown rice.

Sugar levels

Brown rice stabilizes blood sugar levels and is thus one of the best choices for people suffering from diabetes. It also reduces the risk of becoming a diabetic even if it’s hereditary whereas people who consume white rice develop the risk of diabetes by 100%.

Whole grain

Brown rice unlike white rice does not undergo any refining process and therefore does not lose its bran layer and germ. This is thus considered a whole grain and therefore reduces the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. It is recommended for people with high BP for the same reason.

Weight loss

People are obsessed with various methods to lose weight and brown rice is just the solution you have been seeking. Due to its fiber content, brown rice makes you feel fuller with a smaller meal thereby letting you eat lesser. Also, it makes the process of digestion quite easy when compared to white rice.

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