5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Strawberries ASAP!!!

Tasty beauty for your beautiful skin!!!!

They are exotic and that is why they are appropriately associated with amore, strawberries are fruits that denote luxury and are an absolute delight when consumed in various forms.

Strawberries may not figure in our everyday list of fruits, but there is surely something irresistible about them. Perhaps that is what makes them a luxury fruit. There is an interesting legend behind naming the exotica ‘strawberry’. In olden days, straws were used abundantly to cultivate plants, hence the prefix straw to the berry. The most commercial strawberry variety is called Fragaria.

Strawberries as a fruit and its many other forms makes it one of the most versatile fruits. Here are its various uses :

As aphrodisiac

Strawberries are the most edible valentine and are touted as aphrodisiacs, especially when consumed with chocolate. Although there is no scientific evidence to prove the aphrodisiac claim, it is believed that chocolate and strawberry, as a combo, increase energy levels. In French countryside, there was a custom to make newlywed couple drink a cold soup made of ripe red strawberries.

As a healthy food

Strawberries are rich in vitamins, minerals and absolutely fat-free, making them the ideal constituent of a diet regimen. Rich in Potassium and Vitamin C, strawberries control cholesterol levels and help build resistance against various forms of cancer. Though strawberries are delicious in their various forms, it is best to consume them raw. Strawberries are excellent sources of anti-oxidants, too, and boost the immune system to fight against cold and fever. The fruit plays an important role in maintaining oral health, for it helps fight tartar and strengthens gums.

Beauty product

Strawberries are extensively used in skincare and beauty products due to their aromatic smell and hydrant nature. From silky strawberry lip balms to strawberry moisturisers, strawberries find their place in your beauty kit. In salons and spas, strawberries are extensively used for beauty treatments like body polishing , toning, cleansing and facials. In fact, moisturizers and cleaners that contain strawberries are always up for grabs because they make your skin supple and give that lustre you have always wanted. Their beauty benefits can be attributed to the fact that they exfoliate your skin and condition it, leaving behind a delicate fragrance.

Strawberry can cause allergy

Some people develop an allergic reaction to eating strawberries. The reason for this remained a mystery until recently, when Swedish biochemists identified the cause as an allergenic protein, that is similar to one found in birch pollen. Interestingly, this same allergenic protein is linked to the beautiful red colour found in our common garden strawberry. So if you love strawberries and you can’t enjoy them because you develop an allergy, try eating the white ones. They don’t contain the allergic protein found in the red variety.

So there are more than reasons to indulge in strawberries in various forms. Try this simple beauty tip using strawberries. It won’t take much of your time.


8 to 9 strawberries
2 tablespoons honey

Mash strawberries. Add honey and mix well. Spread over face. Leave on for 25-30 minutes and rinse with cool water.
Note: This mask may be irritating for those with sensitive or sunburned skin.

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