5 Reasons Why Kaatru Veliyidai Was Different From Other Mani Ratnam Movies!

It wasn’t the same!

Mani Ratnam is one of the very few directors in the Tamil film industry whose movie gains a lot of expectations as soon as its title and actors are announced. What’s more appealing in a Mani Ratnam’s film is the character of a woman and a man. Every character that he writes, depicts the sensitivity yet the strong character of ¬†every woman starting from ‘Divya’ of ‘Mouna Ragam’ to ‘Shakthi’ of ‘Alaipayudhey’ and how every man from Madhavan as ‘Inba’ the goon portrayed a different role to Madhavan as ‘Indira’ the writer. However, Doctor Leela and officer VC being his latest was the most different of them all. Why?

Leela was a doctor, she could sing as beautifully as Tara (OK Kanmani) and dance as beautifully as Anjali (Agni Natchathiram). She was strong, independent, talented and what not. However, why did she let an abusive relationship suck her in? The role of Officer VC played by Karthi resembled an abusive, angry young fighter pilot who knows nothing but himself – a misogynist to be precise but that is not the end of his characterization.

The ideal love story is that at the end the couple gets together no matter what but what shocked us was that Mani Ratnam, the mastermind of characters, went for the same ideology. Mani Ratnam is a man who loves it when two opposite characters merge to become one. In ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’ when the Abusive officer VC meets the emotional, calm Leela it’s still the same and they live happily ever after. Amidst beautiful cinematography and beautiful background score, here are 5 reasons why this romance was ¬†different:

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1. When Dr.Iliyas Hussain defines Leela-VC’s relationship in one sentence as “Enna Love-oh (What kind of love is this)?” We cannot do much but agree with what Ilyas says seeing the way Leela falls for him over and over again even after she is every time insulted, hurt and her self-respect takes a toll. Leela is a calm, talented doctor who loved herself and her every moment. She made officer VC aka Varun fall in love with her and vice versa. Varun, on the other hand, was not someone who took relationships seriously. “We can marry after our first child” was his getaway phrase from his girlfriend.

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