5 Quirky Ways To Be A Fashion Rebel!

Break the fashion rules!

Today fashion has come a long way and has drawn from eclectic sources, but despite this, popular fashion has always bordered on the uncomfortable. Cropped tops and chunky clogs have replaced  billowing gowns and diamante stilettos from the ramps.Fashion is where the heart is; so welcome to the world of the Fashion Rebels!

Cropped Tops




It always seemed unfair that the part of the female body that required a great deal of effort to maintain in shape, never really had an item of clothing that displayed and could be worn daily.The wonderful thing about cropped tops is that they flaunt while making you look like the cute girl next door.Indian designers too have incorporated crop tops with élan and every third bridal lehenga flaunts a cropped top.

Chunky wedges



Enter chunky wedges with pop art and sculpture on the heels. So very avant garde , individualistic, yet comfortable and with the presence to make heads turn.Stilettos with their icicle like heels might make you look like a diva,chunky wedges are likely to get more fame.So go on and enjoy the comfort and the stares while it lasts.

Sling Bags




Chunky over sized bags can cause severe strain to the shoulder and neck. Yet numerous women, bore the pain with a smile, for the precious bag dangling But now the Birkins are so passé and have made a silent exit. It is now the era of the sling bag- light, comfortable and leaving the hands free to do the things that it is meant to.  From earthy straw to exotic leathers, glitzy studs to foot length fringes, these bags come in all shapes and sizes and mind you all prices. Sling bags have been welcomed as a breath of fresh air, for their irresistible combination of style with functionality .From the busy mother of two to the supermodel negotiating her multi- million dollar contract, they seem to be everybody’s favorite.

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