5 Must-Know Beauty Tips For The Monsoons!

Enjoy the rains!

With the approaching monsoon season, it can be quite tiring to maintain that beautiful skin of yours. Well, worry no more!! Here, we have listed 5 easy and best methods so that you can transform into that Miss Flawless you’ve always wanted to be! 


Cleanse for fresh look

While cleansing, always remember to use alcohol free cleansers so that it gives you the most desired shine glowing in your face without any harsh irritations. Also, cleansing is very important during monsoon as high humidity could end up opening your skin pores.

Natural methods: Apple cidar vinegar, honey and lemon, coconut oil.


Scrub for brighter complexion

Exfoliating helps you get rid of dead skin cells and make it look smoother, brighter and healthier. It rejuvenates the skin and makes your face look fresher all day long. Exfoliating is a must during monsoon. It paves way for a better, youthful you.

Natural methods: Brown sugar, almonds and olive oil; baking soda, cinnamon powder, lemon and honey.


Tone for spotless skin

Toning is very important as it removes that ugly acne scars and sunspots. Either use gentle toners with botanical cleansing agents rather than the one with chemical or do some skin toning work outs. Toners help in laying a foundation for your night creams.

Natural methods: Mint leaves with hot water, aloe vera, cucumber and curd.


Moisturize for glowing skin

It doesn’t matter if it is monsoon or summer or spring, moisturizing is very important. Your skin actually gets extra dehydrated and needs intense care during monsoon. Use a light lotion so that you don’t get the over-moisturizing effect if you have an oily skin.

Natural methods: Coconut oil, avocado and honey.



There always lies a misconception among people about using sunscreen lotions during monsoon. Sunscreen is a must even if it’s cloudy and the sun is visibly unavailable. It basically protects you against the UV rays during days.

Natural methods: Shea butter, jajoba oil, coconut oil. 


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