5 Most Happening Nail Colours This Summer!

Let those nails shine!

From getting the class act to being just a bit groovy, your nail colour adds that much-needed finishing touch to your outfit. Take a peek at the eyeful nail colours trending this summer. 


This summer, the spring blue nail colour is trending almost everywhere.  Grab one of these to perk up your summer look. This is one hue that will be apt for any place, right from hanging out with your friends at a nearby café to going for a fun lunch date with your girls.

Three easy steps:

  1. To start with, shape your nails and give them that perfect crescent shaped edge, as for the soft tone of this nail colour those round corners will be quite perfect.
  2. Apply that colour right from the cuticle to the tip of your nail so that it gets that full look, an absolute must for this one.
  3. Add a clear top coat to get that fresh look and make sure it stays for a long time, since this trend isn’t leaving the picture anytime soon.


Always the class act, this petite French touch to your outfit makes you look elegant like no other. Simple and straightforward, this evergreen nail style is the one to go for if you wish to remain the lacy, yet slick woman in the background. For all the working women out there, get this French fad, as this is sure to work wonder with your formals and make you look as smart as ever.



Three easy steps:

  1. The square shape is in, so shape those nails exactly like that, without losing the length as you wouldn’t want to go short with this one.
  2. Apply a clear top coat and fill them up after which you paint those white crescent tips with white nail colour, always making sure those hands are steady.
  3. Let it dry for awhile after which you coat those nails again with clear nail colour, a double coat this time.

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