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Food Notes

5 Lip Smacking Combos For The Rainy Season!

From Momos to Maggi!

Rain gods have showered their love on us, the rains are finally upon us. And in this lazy-romantic weather, you just want to snuggle in bed, have a cup of hot tea and bask in the glory of this season. The next thought that comes to mind is about food. Let’s look at some of the most favourite food combos that we would love to have in this weather:

 Tea and Samosa

A cup of simmering hot tea and a crispy samosa to go with it. This is the most popular rainy day snack and the most delicious.


Coffee and Mirchi Bhajjis

Hot Mirchi bhajjis straight out of the fryer and a cup of freshly brewed coffee, well this is surely heaven. Pamper yourself some more with a plate of onion bhajjis and potato pakoras too!


Momos and Spicy chutney

What’s better than eating hot momos just out of the steamer with its spicy-tangy chutney.  It’s the best comfort food to have this rainy season. Head out to your favourite momo place right now.


Rasam rice and Potato fry

For all those away from home, this is the best memory of a rainy day. Homemade rasam with rice and crispy spicy potato fry are the most nostalgic memory of our childhood.


Soupy Maggi

For all those who think this is just the watery form of making noodles, you are most certainly wrong. Soupy maggi is your best friend on a rainy evening. Simple, uncomplicated and super tasty!




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